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  1. It’s nice knowing someone has finally a web site dedicated to David berglas.I would like to see an encyclopedic reference someday published as a reference compilation to the a can effect. This is long overdue as a resource to serious magicians looking for the best methods published for acaan..


  2. I’m delighted to see that David is still with us and hopefully keeping well. I have very fond memories of the time in the early 1960’s when David was the President of the Bat’s South East London Scooter Club of which l was a regular member. Our meeting place was in a church hall in Catford. I would like to say a belated thank you to David for his kind efforts and interest in our club, and we were all very proud to have someone as famous as him as our President. Best wishes to you David and hope you remember us. Oh, and l still have my Bat’s tie!


  3. This is a comment from The Netherlands. When I was a child, I saw David als a magician in a few Dutch TV-shows. I grew very fond of him and never forgot him. I think he is completely forgotten in The Netherlands these days. Now I have reached the age of 64 en David is still alive! You are great, David; love from Holland!!!


  4. Berglas is a complete genius! I am so very thankful that you have managed to create this Richard, and I am certain that many others are too! I have recently acquired a copy of “The Mind and Magic of David Berglas” and I’m in love with it! The genius behind Berglas’s work is staggering and his life overall is so powerful and I desperately wish to meet the legend in the flesh one day. Thank you so much for this resource Richard! 🙂


  5. I was lucky enough to work with David Berglas on his tv show back in the 80s with Director Royston Mayoh. It was a brilliant experience. so much fun and we actually got paid. Hello David – if you remember me! Jill Graham (would have been McKenzie then!)


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