About David Berglas

portrait4For decades David Berglas was billed as the ‘International Man of Mystery’, and amazed the world with a series of remarkable stunts and illusions, including hurtling blindfolded down the Cresta Run, levitating a table on the streets of Nairobi and teleporting from London to Glasgow on live television. 

Derren Brown has described him as ‘One of our greatest living magical performers’ and Dynamo refers to him simply as ‘The Master’.  

He has entertained a host of celebrities, including Winston Churchill, Aristotle Onassis, Paul Getty, the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Michael Jackson, and most of the British Royal Family. 

David Berglas has also acted as creative consultant on several major films, including Tim Burton’s Batman (Jack Nicholson), George Lucas’s Willow (with Warwick Davis),  and Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon (with Ryan O’Neal).  He has also worked on 5 James Bond films, including  Casino Royale (with Orson Welles, Peter Sellers, David Niven and Woody Allen) and  Albert R. Broccoli’s Octopussy (with Roger Moore). 

He was one of the first magicians to appear on British television, and has had several successful television series in Holland, Sweden, Norway and Germany.  In the 1980s his Channel 4 series ‘The Mind of David Berglas’ involved him  interviewing and entertaining several celebrity guests, including Omar Sharif, Christopher Lee, Peter Cook and Max Bygraves. 

He was voted “King Rat” of the Grand Order of Water Rats (the world’s leading show business charity organisation), and is a past President of The Magic Circle. In 2000 The Magic Circle presented him with the coveted ‘Gold Medal’, which was only the sixth ever to be awarded since 1926.